Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the course?

There’s no formal registration for the course. Everybody is by default accepted and will be found in the course rating as long as submits web-forms for assignments. But it’s easier to keep track of everything if you’re in ODS Slack, so you’d better fill in the introductory form mentioned in the main page.

How do I join Slack community?

If you register for the course, you’ll be invited prior to the course start. Check carefully your email address.

I’ve filled in the form, still no invitations and confirmations

Please wait till the start of the new session.

Am I not accepted?

No, you are by default accepted. The course is open for everyone.

What do I do if I don’t get access to Slack when the course has already started?

How do I prepare for the course?

You need basic Python skills and math knowledge. There are also some software requirements. Check out prerequisites.

How do I work with course materials?

You can do it just in a browser with this Kaggle Dataset. However, if you are fine with git & GitHub, then forking the course repo is a preferred way.

Will there be new video lectures?

Check out, only few will be added.

Can I join the course on the go?

Yes, at any point till the ongoing session is over.

Will I get a certificate when I’ve finished the course?

No. Real knowledge and skills are much more important.

Can I at least prove that I’ve done a good job?

Yes, if you finish in top-100 according to the final course rating. Your name will be immortalized.