Assignment 6 (demo). Beating baselines in a competition

Assignment 6 (demo). Beating baselines in a competition# – Open Machine Learning Course

Author: Yury Kashnitsky. All content is distributed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Following simple baselines in the “Alice” competition (see Topic 4), check out a bit more advanced Notebooks:

Go on with feature engineering and try to achieve ~ 0.955 (or higher) ROC AUC on the Public Leaderboard. Alternatively, if a better solution is already shared by the time you join the competition, try to improve the best publicly shared solution by at least 0.5%. However, please do not share high-performing solutions, it ruins the competitive spirit of the competition and also hurts some other courses which also have this competition in their syllabus;

You might want to check out Bonus Assignment 4 to achieve this.